2016 Key West 210BR

The 210 BR represents a bold new approach in hull design. We've kept the time proven great ride of the 19 degree dead rise hull, but we've added a lifting pad to the bottom and an integrated jack plate to the transom. Now you can have it all with improved performance, fuel economy, and a great ride, and as a bonus it even sports a bit less draft. The interior has been tweaked and squeezed to get everything a serious fisherman could ask for such as space for 10 7+' rods in the lockable rod boxes, dual live wells, spacious front and rear deck, under gunwale molded in rod racks, and the first bay boat in its class with a potty room under the console. Yes, this is a family friendly bay boat as well with features such as fold away jump seats in the rear deck, and generous cup holders throughout. 

Please Call 803-648-6141 For Pricing


Length:    21'1"    
Beam:    8'    
Transom:    25"    
Approx. Weight:    1900 lbs    
Fuel Capacity:    50 gal    
Max HP:    225hp    
Recommended HP:    150hp     
Dead Rise:    19 degree    
Draft:    12"