2016 Key West 230BR

Big Brother to the wildly successful 210BR this new addition shares the tremendous rod storage capability of the 210, and the added length plus beam provides lots more open cockpit space. Combine this with added depth both inside and out and we have a great inshore boat with reasonable open water capability. The unique integrated transom jack set back allows for both standard 25" engines as well as a 20" high performance outboard combined with a hydraulic jack for enhanced shallow water operation and improved high speed handling.

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Length:    23'1"    
Beam:    8'6"    
Transom:    25"    
Approx. Weight:    TBD    
Fuel Capacity:    80 gallons    
Max HP:    300hp    
Recommended HP:    150hp to 250hp     
Dead Rise:    19 degree    
Draft:    14"