2016 Key West 177SKRF

The Red Fish Edition is dedicated to the shallow water enthusiast who appreciates the open space in both the cockpit and the generous size of the front and rear decks. Combine this versatile boat with a good troll motor, poling platform, wide gunnels, and other available options to suit your individual tastes, and you have one of the most efficient fishing skiffs on the market today, at a cost that will still allow a generous tackle budget.

Please Call 803-648-6141 For Pricing


Length:    17'4"    
Beam:    7'    
Transom:    20"    
Approx. Weight:    1150 lb    
Fuel Capacity:    30 gallons    
Max HP:    90 hp    
Recommended HP:    70 hp     
Dead Rise:    2 degree    
Draft:    4-8"