2016 Misty Harbor CU

Taking the time to disconnect so that you can reconnect with those who mean the most to you is easily done in the Adventure RL.

With radius seating in both the bow and aft sections of the Adventure 245RL, you have abundant space to welcome your entire entourage aboard. Dressed with contemporary graphics, you have a choice of six different fence colors, full length welded skirting under the decks, lavish carpeting that puts softness under your every step, and standard rear vinyl to keep your boat tidy. These pontoons feature plush cushioned seats with color accented furniture that nicely blends exterior fencing colors into the furnishings. Four chaise lounges provide abundant space to stretch and relax, and the co-captain’s chair allows easy conversation to occur between the captain and the best-mate! The Chrome Sport steering wheel pops with fashion. Full instrumentation on the dash allows the captain to see the boat’s performance at a quick glance, and the Alpine Bluetooth stereo system adds rhythm to the water. Let the eight and a half foot Bimini stretch out to provide the right amount of cover. The Adventure Cruise 245RL pontoon has a 22’ deck length, and stands out as the superior series in this price point.

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Aluminum Thickness    .090 gauge    .090 gauge
Baffled Sections    three    three
Boat Weight (Sportoon)    1900    2060
Boat Weight (Standard)    1700    1900
Boat Weight (Tripletoon)    NA    2350
Deck Length    20’    22’
Deck Width    8 ½’    8 ½’
Fuel Capacity    28 gal.    28 gal.
Fuel Capacity (Tripletoon)    NA    58 gal.
HP Ratings (Sportoon)    135    150"
HP Ratings (Standard)    115    150
HP Ratings (Tripletoon)    NA    250
Load Capacity (Sportoon)    2343    2360
Load Capacity (Standard)    2172    2418
Load Capacity (Tripletoon)    NA    2796
Overall Length    21 ⅓’    23 ½’
Passenger Capacity (Sportoon)    11    12
Passenger Capacity (Standard)    11    12
Passenger Capacity (Tripletoon)    NA    15
Tube Diameter    25 inches    25 inches
Tube Length    20 ¼ feet    22 ½ feet

2016 Misty Harbor Adventure 225 CU

2016 Misty Harbor Adventure 245 CU