2016 Misty Harbor Biscayne Bay 1680

For those who want the comfort, style and luxury in a smaller deck, the Biscayne Bay 1680 pontoons are a perfect match.

Each of these boats feature a full size console with full instrumentation, an Alpine Bluetooth stereo system, tilt steering, and a matte finished wood grain steering wheel. The captains chair is the sport recliner with self leveling arms that reclines, swivels and slides. The L-group table includes blush furniture and a beautiful wood grain four-cup table top. Fencing can include a monotone or two-tone option that makes this boat pop and command attention. Adding the optional color accented interior will improve the fit and finish with sizzle!

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Aluminum Thickness    .080 gauge
Baffled Sections    three
Boat Weight (Standard)    1,200"
Deck Length    16’
Deck Width    8’
Fuel Capacity    portable
HP Ratings (Standard)    40
Load Capacity (Standard)    1582
Overall Length    17’
Passenger Capacity (Standard)    8
Tube Diameter    23 inches
Tube Length    16 feet

2016 Misty Harbor Biscayne Bay 1680FS

2016 Misty Harbor Biscayne Bay 1680CS