2016 War Eagle Marshatoon

The Marshtoon is a floating duckblind that allows you to get to where the ducks are. The Marshtoon is built to accommodate up to four hunters with their gear and is available in your choice of camouflage paint. The Marshtoon comes with four comfortable seats on poles and front and back flip out panels that allow for 360° of shooting. The Marshtoon has two dog platforms, one on each side. It is easy to move and very comfortable.



Please Call 803-648-6141 For Pricing


Side Depth  n/a
HP Rating  Trolling
Hull Gauge.100
Hull  n/a
Beam  n/a
Transom Height  n/a

Standard equipment included with the War Eagle Marshtoon: 2 dog platforms, aluminum pontoon log and frame construction, aluminum expanded metal floor, 3 base plates in the floor, 3 camouflage vinyl seats with pole extensions, your choice of camouflage paint, 4 stabilizing legs, 2 flip out front fences for 360° of shooting, panels of Avery RealGrass, fold out steps on each end and trays on top of both logs for storing additional gear.