2018 Misty Harbor 230CR

The 203 Series CR model is perfect for the family who wants to enjoy the quiet waters of their neighborhood lake or spring.
With radius benches at the bow of the craft there’s plenty of room to stretch out and relax. Captains enjoy the comfort of our sports chair with self leveling armrests, and with the Bluetooth enabled dash stereo your favorite tunes are never far away. Volts and tachometer are standard gauges on the dash. The dining group has handcrafted L-shaped seating that includes ample under-seat storage to stow items that you want kept dry and clear of the deck. At the stern of the boat is a sundeck that is perfect for catching some rays when the boat is anchored.

Please Call 803-648-6141 For Pricing


Aluminum Thickness    .080 gauge
Baffled Sections    three
Boat Weight (Standard)    1,280"
Deck Length    18’
Deck Width    8 ½’
Fuel Capacity    Portable
HP Ratings (Standard)    75
Load Capacity (Standard)    1,922"
Overall Length    19 ½’
Passenger Capacity (Standard)    9
Tube Diameter    23 inches
Tube Length    18 ¼ feet